Sunday, March 30, 2008

Back to the Beach

For those of you who missed our photos of Finn on the beach, here's a post especially for you. We took advantage of the nicer weather this weekend and made our first trek to Park Point for the year. Finn was super-excited to play in the sand, and as soon as we got there he took off down the shore. Gracie was also pretty happy to get some much-needed exercise. She may be feeling the cabin fever the most in our family.


  1. Just the first of many beautiful spring days. These walks with Finn and Leif will always be remembered and talked about in years to come. And lets not forget Gracie. Grandpa Sam

  2. One of Sam's favorite memories of Keely's and Sam's childhood is walking along the shores of any lake, but especially Lake Superior. Pokegama and Winnie shores also offered many treasures for little kids; rocks, shells, driftwood. But the biggest treasure of all?

    The giggles,squeals and wonder of a two year discovering their world.

    Enjoy the wonder, Keely's mom Nancy