Thursday, March 27, 2008

Week of a thousand posts

No one can give us crap for not posting often enough.


  1. (I've got your blog here in my feed-reader, I'm not actually stalking you).

    Those kids of yours are adorable! If anyone asks you what you guys want for a gift -- tell them an Ergo. You'll take that baby bjorn and toss it to the curb. :) (you can test drive one with ours, although I won't give it up until Leah is more like 4).

  2. Those videos are so cute!

    We love all of them, hard not to when you have such adorable babies.

    I start and end my busy days with the beautiful faces of your family.

    Good job Adam and Nicole on publishing your first ever children's book. It is obviously a hit with the cool two year old crowd.

    Love grandma/grandpa from GR

  3. Ohmygosh those kids are so cute! And Leif looks so big now when I'm used to Jasper. It's all relative... Great pictures and videos- you guys have the most adorable family!