Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fun times

Leif warms up at Wednesday Night at the Races:

The boys show off their ribbons with friends Sasha and Ilya:
Finn gets ready to snap a photo. How meta of us.

Odin taste tests each grain of sand before building a castle:

The big boys had friends Esmae & Anja over for dinner:

Odin and Elsa sharing a love of objects in their mouths:

Monday, July 19, 2010

Some photos for y'all

Cute faces:

Team Pearson has been working for the last year on raising money for a new playground in our neighborhood.  We raised over $40K and constructed the park two weeks ago.  Friday it was ready to play.  We love it!

The next two photos are immediately before (notice the happy faces) and immediately following (notice the tears and head rubs) the boys bonking their heads together while bouncing the dinosaur.

Yesterday we took a trip to the Iron Range to visit the Minnesota Discovery Center.  Finn earned a trip there from his reward chart.  Grandparents Johnson met us there and a fun time was had by all.  The trip brought back a lot of memories for Papa Sam, who used to work in the mines.  He used to drive this huge machine (seriously folks):

Monday, July 05, 2010

Bounce House!

In celebration of a homebound 4th of July, we threw a little party in our yard this weekend. The guest of honor? A bounce house:

We bounced...

and bounced.

When Finn and Leif tired of bouncing, they wrestled a bit.

 Then they tried jumping.

And pogo-ing.

Leaping was also popular.

On the fourth, Keely took Finn and Leif to watch the fireworks. Despite extreme fatigue, they made it through and enjoyed it thoroughly.

In other news, Odin is cute.

The Brighton Beach boys:

Leif takes an important call on his rock phone:

Sunday, July 04, 2010


In the last week and a half we have seen lots of family.  Below is the photo documentation.

This week, Grandparents Pearson came up to Duluth for a visit.  We had a ton of fun visiting Tischer, Congdon playground, Enger, Gooseberry and Hartley.

Last weekend we were in Grand Rapids to visit Aunts Kathy and Laura, from Colorado and Maine, respectively.

Two weeks ago Finn went to YMCA camp Kitchigami, a day camp (mornings only) for kids 4-5.  He loved loved loved it so much (can't you tell by his face in this photo?), we are going to send him back again in August.