Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer is here!

Hey there, loyal blog readers! Here's another mega-post, filled with pics to tide you over until the next time we get around to updating.

Here are Finn and Tenzy on their last day of school We walked nearly every day to and from school, which was, in my opinion, a blast. The kids may tell you a different story.

Last weekend, Keely's cousin Matt got married in Hibbing, so we all went to celebrate. Here are some of the better shots:
Leif's sweet mohawk

Odin, looking dapper

Odin & Papa Sam on a nice, quiet walk

Uncle Sam & Cousin Nora

A rare family photo!

The next generation of the Johnson clan, sans Nora

Dance party USA!

Nora is rocking out

Keely & Finn get down

Coming down from the wedding high with some casual reading

Hanging out on Nesbitt Island

Uncle Sam found a huge leech! Adults were freaked out, kids were fascinated.

Nicole & Sam show off the forthcoming Johnson progeny

This next series is awesome. Odin was so exhausted he literally fell asleep at the wheel of the pontoon boat. The smiles were semi-conscious reactions to our hysterical laughter.

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