Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fast Mickey!

Wow!  What a weekend!  We went to Lutsen to watch Mickey run the Superior Trail 25K race (15.3 miles).  He rocked it!  Like, totally rocked it.  He finished 23rd out of almost 300 people.  Wowza!  We stayed right at Lutsen in a condo with a deck overlooking the finish line.  Grandma Nancy came along and we hiked, swam, played, went on the alpine slide and hung out in Grand Marais.  The weather was 85 and sunny on saturday and 55 and rainy on Sunday.  All in all, it was awesome!

Here are some photos from the weekend, plus a few catch up from the past month or so.

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  1. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Cute photos. I LOVE those smiles!!
    Speedy Mickey, great job on the race.