Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pink eye strikes again!

Just when we thought we were in the clear, pink eye struck again! Now Odin has it and he's looking less than great. I know you all visit to see cute pictures of our kids, but this is sort of cute, in a completely miserable way.


  1. That breaks my heart! I wish I was near by so I could rock him all day....
    Grandma Teresa

  2. WOW! It does not even look like our cute baby boy...poor baby! Those are some major spider webs ( Finn's analogy ).

    Hope he gets better fast, grandma Nancy

  3. major bummer. Soren and I both had it a few weeks ago, and it was rotten. Natural Tears drops helped me for the gritty dryness, though trying to get eyedrops in a baby was worse than giving a cat medicine.

    We all hope Odin feels better soon and that is stays far away from the rest of you.

    The Johnsons

  4. Anonymous1:03 PM

    I appreciate this picture. My daughter has an appointment tomorrow and I was so curious but this is exactly what she looks like. Thanks for sharing.