Saturday, May 15, 2010

Glorious sunshine!

Despite the varied illnesses with which we've been contending lately, we did our best to cleanse our bodies with fresh air and sunshine today.

Before we get to the fun pics, here's a sweet one of Finn with his brutal pink eye affliction from earlier this week.

The big boys outside Hartley Nature Center, enjoying a nice snack.

Odin, chilling in the grass. His new favorite activity is crawling. Yes, our six month old started crawling several months earlier than either of his brothers.

Park Point was a must-visit destination, with temps in the balmy low 60's and the water a refreshing 41.

Finn and Leif were eager to dip their toes in the water...

Toes became legs...

And, inevitably, they swam after their clothes got wet.

Finn's face here illustrates the chill, but for more context, I couldn't stay in the water for more than a couple of minutes, and I was only in up to my ankles. Leif and Finn didn't really seem to notice and swam for about 45 minutes.

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  1. Oh Finn! I have just spoken with him on the phone and he sounds like he is on the mend! Oh!
    I love that the boy's have taken to the lake water!
    Grandma Teresa