Sunday, November 18, 2007

Our children are funny

It is well known that Finn can be a ham when it comes to the camera. As if more proof were necessary, here is a great shot of him being goofy:

Back when Finn was wee, there was a fun post of a bunch of photos of his many different facial expressions. It's Leif's turn!


  1. Anonymous10:48 PM

    Finn and Leif ARE funny and most of all sweet! Glad to have some new pics to see!
    Bad Aunt

  2. That bottom picture clearly shows that Leif is following in the Pearson men tradition (ahem, gpa, mickey and finn especially) of the eager, wide-eyed smile!

  3. Auntie Nicole10:54 AM

    Look at how much Leif has already grown in just a few weeks! They are adorable for sure. Looking forward to a fun holiday!