Monday, September 17, 2007

More Finn!

In Finn news - he pooped in his potty for the first time today! He also loves to touch my belly and say "baby." We aren't sure if he knows there is a baby in there, or if we've told him so many times that he is just repeating what we've been telling him. Below are a few pictures we took over the weekend.

Here's Finn playing with Mary, our neighbor-friend. He calls her "May-may."

Mickey made some pumpkin soup on Friday that Finn devoured. He's pretty good at feeding himself, but still make a mess sometimes, reminiscent of "young Finn." We took his bib and shirt off after the first bowl because his bib was not stopping all the soup he was spilling.

"old" Finn making a mess:

"young" finn making a mess:

Finn was "helping" us rake our yard.


  1. Auntie Kelly5:33 PM

    This picture is great, I love it.

  2. Sarah9:44 PM

    You guys gets some really great action shots... quite the eye for the camera!