Saturday, September 08, 2007

Super Post!

Below are some photos of Finn taken in the last week. He had his first professional haircut on Wednesday. We think he looks pretty suave. He runs everywhere these days - no more walking for him.

The pictures below are from Labor Day, pre-haircut. We had a picnic at Leif Erikson Park and Finn ran all over in his diaper and cool new shoes.

Below Finn and his best pal Bjorn are enjoying crackers at Leif Erikson Park.

One day before work we took Finn to Park Point to get some photos of him in his diaper for an online contest that Fuzzi Bunz (our cloth diaper of choice) is holding. Below are a couple of the photos we got. Note the new haircut.

Today we took Finn to the Bayfront for a renewable energy/sustainable farming expo. There were tons of kids flying the free kites that they were giving away. Finn was very interested in watching, but was kind of overwhelmed with all the yelling and swooping kites. He also took a moment to stop and "smell" the flowers.

Here are a couple of photos taken in our backyard. Finn now has a sandbox, and Gracie has a fence, both of which you can see below.

This is Finn trying to tip over his water table, one of his new favorite activities.

Lastly, here is Finn doing downward facing dog.

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