Saturday, April 15, 2006

Please welcome Finn Gerald Pearson!

At 10:59 am on Thursday, April 13th, Finn Gerald Pearson joined the world. He weighed in at 7 lbs, 7 oz, and was 20" long. He is likely the most beautiful thing you will ever see.

The labor was long and hard (~40 hours) but Keely did a fantastic job with the whole process, especially considering the almost complete lack of sleep for roughly three days.

Our first family photo!

Keely and Finn, for the first time.

Finn meets his aunt Erika!

Finn's grandmas (Nancy on the left, Teresa on the right) finally meet their grandson, after their stoic wait in the family waiting room throughout Keely's labor.

Finn and Grandma Pearson.

Finn meets his aunt Kimberly.

Finn and his uncle Sam.

Finn and his aunt Nicole

Finn and Keely, cuddling it up.

Finn and his Grandparents Johnson.

Finn and me.

Finn and Grandpa Pearson for the first time.

Finn has much tinier hands than I do.

Here's my baby boy, saluting the Internet in a way that would make mom proud.

Here's the whole family, Keely's parents on the left, us in the center, and my parents on the right.

Finn's Great-grandma Pearson came for a visit and was quite proud.

Here's Finn in his carseat for the first time. He loves it!

Finn meets Deb, James, and Lil' J Kyes and they are fast friends.

More photos will be posted almost every day! Keep checking back!


  1. proud cousin liz2:23 PM

    These pictures are amazing! You all look so proud and excited! What a lucky baby to be welcomed into so much love! Plus he hasn't even met those of us that already love him out here in the desert! He looks absolutely teeny and adorable! I can't wait to see more pics, and even more importantly to see you guys again in person some day!

    Love Liz

  2. Kelly Hackathorn5:29 PM

    I love-love-love all the pictures. Keep them coming.

  3. sarah souder9:53 PM

    WE WANT MORE FINN! Bring on the pictures, proud papa. I am so proud of you two. Can't wait to meet the lucky boy.