Sunday, March 20, 2011


This post is all Odin, as he was cooperative with the camera this weekend.  Enjoy!

He is starting to figure out how things work.  For example, he pulls the green chair and red stool with him to help him climb.  Step 1 - place the chair and stool:

Step 2 - climb onto green chair:

Step 3 - climb onto stool:

Step 4 - kneel:

 Step 5 - stand:

Step 6 - so proud:


  1. Go Odin! He reminds me so much of Leif, with sprinkles of Nora Bean. Miss you guys!

  2. Watch out! There is no stopping Odin! Adorable!
    Sending much love,
    Grandma Teresa

  3. Cute pictures, what a little sweetheart.
    We miss them all,
    grandma Nancy Papa Sam