Sunday, February 13, 2011

The weekend

We went to Spirit Mountain today and yesterday.  Finn thinks downhill is great, Leif doesn't like it ("my feet hurt").  Both wear the ski bum look well and we are excited for lots of family skiing days in Duluth.  When we weren't skiing, we played outside since the weather was awesome!  Video of Finn skiing and Leif singing coming soon.


  1. Great photos. We cannot wait to see them ski.
    Love the snowman too!

    love to all,

    grandma Nancy
    Papa Sam

  2. Are you up for chester bowl next year? I'm thinking of expanding our kids' repertoire to include downhill, although I don't want to give up one more evening each week.

  3. Just watched the videos! So....great!

    I am not sure if I'll be able to keep up with Finn on the slopes.

    Takes lots of Star War guys to drive a truck I see.

    Off to school, oh one more time through the videos!!!

    Grandma Nancy
    Papa Sam