Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

Finn writes a letter to Santa.  They left a stout instead of milk.

The letter and goodies.

Christmas morning.

Sled rides through the woods to the sledding hill and bonfire.

Sledding!  Snow!

Cousin Nora's baptism and 1st birthday party.

Lots of love between Leif and frousin Evan.



As you can see from the photos above, Christmas was a blast!  We played outside, ate lots of yummy food, opened presents, celebrated Nora's birthday and baptism at a hotel waterpark.  So great!

Last night we had friends over to celebrate the New Year.  We put the "babies" (Odin, Elsa and Lev) to bed upstairs and let the big kids watch movies.  Finn is the only big kid who fell asleep.  The others were up until almost 1 am!  Party!


  1. Look's like fun! Happy New Year!
    Mom & Dad

  2. Christmas was a blast. Santa must have been happy too! Cute, cute pictures.

    love you guys, grandma Nancy papa Sam