Sunday, August 22, 2010

Johnson Family Camping!

We had our annual Johnson family campout this weekend. Due to very cute but very young children (Odin & Nora), we skipped the Boundary Waters and instead made our outdoor home on Lake Wabana near Grand Rapids, MN. Much fun was had, naturally.

Swimming was the number one activity for the boys, as you could probably guess. The sand beach allowed them plenty of freedom to romp and play in the warm water. Here are a couple of Finn in full-swim mode, one of which captures his accidental foray underwater:

A close second to swimming was riding in the boat. The boys enjoyed cruising to Lake Blue Water and Trout Lake, especially because of the very low bridges under which all the passengers need to duck so as to allow the boat to fit.


Finn offers Papa Sam some instruction on appropriate boat speed:

A very tired Finn takes advantage of a chill in the air to catch some rest on the boat seats:


Naked wood nymphs periodically emerged to greet us at our campsite:

There is a unique joy found in camping filth:

Odin and Nora discussing toy-chewing techniques:

Finn shows Papa Sam how to really carry one's weight while gathering firewood:

Upon arriving home, we promptly bathed the boys and celebrated a successful camping trip.

PS - Odin has been walking with his walker for a couple of weeks:

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