Monday, June 07, 2010

Summer weather means outdoor time

It's time for another installment in Pearson boy land!

Last weekend brought much needed rain to Duluth, but Sunday afternoon cleared up enough for an outdoor expedition to Bagley Nature Center. Here are the big boys pointing out the turtles warming their cold-blooded bodies:

A cool lookout spot sits atop the largest hill in Bagley, and the boys were eager to hike to the top and check out the view.

Finn was not into getting his face photographed, as usual:

Odin has been super-happy these days, thanks in no small part to his mobility and growing strength. He has full reign of the floor, scooting and pseudo-crawling around to get whatever he deems worthy of his mouth. He's also sitting up pretty well and pulling himself to standing on occasion, which is surely going to lead to some upright steps long before his brothers hit that milestone.

This picture, admittedly, isn't the greatest, but Finn actually smiled at the camera which makes it blog-worthy. Also, Leif is just being a goofball which is pretty fun, too:

Again, Leif being silly:


  1. Beautiful! The boy's look healthy and happy! I miss them SO MUCH! Odin look's an awful lot like Leif!
    Grandma Teresa

  2. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Cute summer haircuts!

    Aunt Nicole