Saturday, May 30, 2009

With a third on the way, it's an upgrade day!

Hey all,

The influence of baby number three on our family has already begun. This weekend we did some size upgrades of our family gear.

Number one: The tent. We went from a 4 person to a six person. The boys love it, as Finn demonstrates here:

Number two: Goodbye, Subaru Outback. Hello, Toyota Sienna. I'm thinking of getting a vanity plate that reads ATHMDAD.

In non-upgrade news, the kids and Keely went to a playdate this morning at Tenzin & Rilo's house. Much fun was had and many scones were eaten, by the reports I heard.


  1. What does ATHM stand for? American Textile History Museum?

  2. ATHM = at home --> plate would read "at home dad."

  3. We traded in our Subaru Forester and got a Sienna. We love it!

  4. That's hilarious you guys, Justin and I have only one baby and (and one over spoiled large dog-not as big as Gracie, but bigger than some) and we have been VAN shopping too! We were then feeling very middle age and familyish (and loving it) and we laughed and said "For sure the Pearsons are getting a van, how else will they get around with 3 car seats?" and then I check your blog and there you go! Hooray! Hello family vehicle-ville here we all come! Isn't it wonderful?