Wednesday, May 13, 2009

D.C. mega recap post

Here is the long-awaited photo recap of our recent trip to Washington, D.C. for the wedding of Auntie Kimberly and Uncle Ian. We had a fantastic time and took in lots of sights.

Here are the boys at a neighborhood park that was by our hotel. Despite his splint, Leif definitely made the most of his time there.

We did our best to get out to see the Smithsonian museums with the boys. The Natural History and Air & Space museums were the biggest hits.

Finn loved the dinosaur and ocean exhibits...

...while Leif and I shared our mutual (Right, Leif?) dream of traveling to outer space.

We also saw the National Cathedral and their gardens, but missed the gargoyle tour, which Finn was looking forward to.

Easily one of the boys' favorite new friends is cousin Emma, my cousin Wendy's daughter. The three of them had a blast playing together and Emma and her grandma Kathy were phenomenal childcare providers. The night of the rehearsal dinner allowed all of them to play together and eventually enjoy a mini-screening of Cinderella in the big hotel bed.

Which brings us to the wedding! Kimberly and Ian got married at the Swedish embassy in Georgetown, which is a really cool, modern building right on the Potomac river. The wedding was really elegant and very "them." It was fantastic and beautiful!

The boys were rockstars at the wedding, and despite their fatigue, they made it to the cake cutting and dance and only fell asleep once we got back to the hotel at the incredibly late (for them) hour of 10:18pm! Here's proof!


  1. Anonymous7:31 AM

    Great Pictures! Auntie Kimberly is so beautiful. I love the dress. And of course she has that wonderful smile. Very pretty wedding!

    The dinosaurs are super cool. I am sure the boys are still talking about them.

    Nice dance steps little night owl.

    Love grandma/grandpa J.

  2. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Wow Mickey and Keely these pictures are incredible! It is so much fun for us to see these... we have been in great anticipation of seeing shots from that night, and you have some really great ones. Thank you so very much for sharing them!

    The Pearsons sure took over Washington- what fun pics of your adventures around town. Love it!
    Auntie Kimberly