Sunday, April 05, 2009

Finn at Syrup Camp

This weekend Finn and Mickey went to Sand Lake (about 2.5 hours west and a little north of Duluth) to help Grandpa Sam collect sap to boil down into yummy maple syrup. Keely and Leif stayed home with Gracie, who is still on a "no playing with other dogs and no off leash play" restriction from the vet, post surgery. Below are several photos from syrup camp. There are no photos from the Keely/Leif part of the weekend, but their activities included the zoo, Grand Opening of the new Animal Allies Animal Shelter (which is fantastic, by the way), dinner at Hacienda with three of Leif's friends and their parents, walks, naps, etc.

Finn, Mickey and Uncle Sam relax by the fire:

Finn shows Grandpa where to pour the sap:

Finn watches while Uncle Sam drinks sap straight from the tree (tastes like water at this point):

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