Sunday, October 26, 2008

Leif's Birthday Party (+ some others)

These two photos are non-birthday party related, but very cute. Finn and Leif like to rush off to fight fires together on the fire truck (first photo) and Finn thinks that reading to Gracie will help heal her torn ACL ("poor Gracie. "What People Do All Day" will make her feel better.")

Yesterday we had Leif's first birthday party, which was a rousing success.

Erin and Esmae play with Legos:

Jasper does the same, sort of:

A fearsome foursome of pinata-bashers: Tenzy, Andre, Finn, and Erin.

Uncle Sam & Aunt Nicole in their colorful costumes:

Esmae as pink animal of some sort:

Anja as a bear:

Max as Max from "Where the Wild Things Are:"

Rilo as Peacock:

Babies were overjoyed to be in the leaf pile!

Tenzy & Finn hanging out:

Leif & Esmae playing in the leaves:

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