Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fall in our yard

These shots were all taken today in our yard. It's very beautiful right now. You can also check out Leif's new top teeth. Very cute.


  1. I really hope that when Leif is 25 he still does the big mouth open "I love life" smile. :)

    Ry and I are looking forward to making a big leaf pile to jump in. Not all of our leaves have fallen yet.


  2. Good job on the teeth, Leif!

    Nicole J

  3. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Cute pictures. We lost all (almost) of our leaves this week, looks bare out there.

    Soon the boys' leaf piles will be replaced by snow piles. Nature has such a lovely way way of providing fun times!

    The boys definitely have the "I love life" smile and attitude. Sounds a bit like their parents?

    Love grandma and grandpa Johnson