Monday, August 04, 2008

We're baaack!

We are back from vacation. We had a fantastic time, but are happy to be back in our house. They boys were great travelers, but I think they are happy to have their toys and beds back. Below are some more photos from the trip.

Yesterday we went to an insect museum. Finn met Rosie, the tarantula in the photo below. He did not want to hold her, but enjoyed looking at her.

Finn playing in the large scale honeycomb:

Leif being cute:

The mountain streams were so, so cold (yes, colder than Lake Superior). My feet were numb after 30 seconds, but the boys could not get enough. Below are a couple of photos of Uncle Sam playing in the stream with Leif and Finn.

One of the only things missing in Duluth is a sushi restaurant. Below is Finn enjoying sushi in Boulder. He enjoyed it (really). He only tried vegetarian stuff.

Grandma and Leif at breakfast in Boulder:

Uncle Sam, Aunt Nicole and Finn reading:

Finn loading up his dump truck:

Finn climbing - he was very adventurous:

Mom, Dad, Finn, Leif (on dad's back), Uncle Sam and Aunt Nicole in Boulder:

Cute Finn at a park:


  1. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Looks like everyone had a great time, but I'm so happy your all back home,.. especially Finn and Leif. grandpa sam

  2. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Zen House in Duluth has sushi!!! Corner of Maple Grove and Haines

  3. Anonymous4:22 PM

    As always; sweet,sweet photos.

    Love g-mama Nancy