Sunday, May 25, 2008

Our funny boys

Finn is a pretty funny little guy these days. Not only is his rapidly growing vocabulary a constant source of entertainment, but his autonomy and "helpfulness" is often pretty great.

Case in point: This morning, while I was sleeping, Keely said said to the boys, "I'm going to go let Gracie back inside." She got Leif into his bouncy seat, turned around, and noticed Finn was gone. She went to the back door to find Gracie on her way inside and Finn right behind her. In an effort to "help," he had run to the back door, opened it and left the house, opened the gate for Gracie and come back inside. Guess we'll be locking all the doors from now on.

In other news, the family of bears we saw last summer made their way back through our neighborhood today. Sadly, the camera was not on hand, but I'm sure they'll be back once the raspberries in the local gardens start bearing fruit.

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