Sunday, August 26, 2007

Finn update

Finn has been having lots of fun this summer. He really, really enjoys bike rides lately. He will walk out to the garage, try to put the bike helmet on his head, and climb into the trailer.

We have him sit on his potty every night, and he has used it a couple of times.

He enjoys smelling flowers (which is hard to capture on film, but very cute, trust us).

He is making the transition from two naps to one nap a day, which makes for "tired Finn" some days.

Yesterday was the Dragonboat Festival in Superior (annual fundraiser). Barr (Keely's employer) had a team that Mickey raced on. Finn was there to support the team, act like a clown (see picture 1) and stare down anyone who got in his way (see picture 2).

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