Sunday, May 01, 2011


For some reason the photos in this post are blurry.  If you click on them they're crystal clear.  I don't know what's going on...

Sorry we have been so far behind.  April has been an awesome, busy month for us.  Finn celebrated his 5th (!) birthday in Minneapolis, we had a superhero themed birthday party with his friends in Duluth, and we went on a family road trip to Iowa/Chicago.  Below are a bunch of photos documenting all our fun.

Here are the boys at Lego Land in the MOA.  It was a dream come true for lego-enthusiasts Finn and Leif:

We had dinner at the Rainforest Cafe for Fin's special day:

Lego Woody!  Thumbs up!

Checking out Sea Life (formerly Underwater World):

We also hit up Nickelodean Universe (formerly Camp Snoopy):


Finn's volcano cake at the Rainforest Cafe:

Tired brothers after a long day:

Superheroes on a scavenger hunt at Finn's birthday party:

This is how Leif fell asleep after Finn's party:

Now we're to the pictures from our road trip.  Stop #1 - Twins game!  Unfortunately, it was rained out.  We got there an hour before the game and were able to enjoy hotdogs and french fries before the game was postponed.  The good news is that the make-up date is sometime in July or August, probably.

Next on our stop was Okoboji for Easter.  Unfortunately, the pictures of the boys hunting for eggs did not turn out.  Rest assured, they had fun.  After Okoboji, we stopped in Iowa City en route to Chicago to hang out with the McDonalds and meet Henry.  Kelly got us a sweet deal at her Sheraton hotel (poolside!) and left us a welcome gift of cookies and milk.  Thanks Kelly!

Leif plays peekaboo with Henry.  He loved him!

The boys:

Finn and Leif read their new books in the hotel lobby:

Now, onto Chicago!  Navy Pier:

Watching the whales at the Shedd:

On the steps of the Field Museum (perhaps the highlight of the trip for the boys):

Requisite photos of each boy with Sue:

This photo captures the boys holding hands, which they did a lot.  Finn gets a little nervous in crowds and was always looking for Leif.  It was very sweet.

Millenium Park:

We ran into good friend Kyle, who was in Chicago to present research on something related to kids' ears, noses and throats.  Thanks facebook for telling Kyle that we were in Chicago at the same time.


Lincoln Park Observatory:

Awesome climbing thing at Lincoln Park Zoo:


Home to rain:

We had so much fun!  The boys were really good.  Finn cried when we left the hotel (real tears, not tantrum tears).  In Chicago, we got to see Tasha and Jake and meet Axel.  They had us to their place for pizza, PBS Kids and fun conversation.  Sadly, we do not have photos from that.  We stopped at a small waterpark at the Dells on the way back to Duluth and Finn learned how to cannonball into the water solo.  So, in a nutshell, that's our April.  Fun times!


  1. Looks like you've had a busy month! I love the photo of Leif sleeping with his book. I fall asleep like that sometimes, too ;-)

    We're having the same issues with fuzzy photos on Blogger. I hope to figure something out soon, because it's driving me NUTS!

    Happy Spring, yeah? We're looking forward to the warm weather here, too.

  2. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Great photos. What a fun month you had! I love the pictures where the boys are all grouped up, especially the one of Finn and Leif sleeping.

    Love, grandma Nancy Papa Sam

  3. I am so happy the boy's love to travel! I agree with G-Ma Nancy, the photo of Finn and Leif sleeping is SO BEAUTIFUL! The close up of Odin in his adorable plaid shirt is super fresh and cute!
    Love, G-Ma Teresa and Papa Perry