Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Sorry for the hiatus.  It's been cold and we were hit with the stomach bug going around.  Nobody has been very photogenic.  To make up for it, we're currently up(down?)loading some video of the boys skating.  Stay tuned for that.  We were also told by a loyal reader that we don't include enough text or pictures of the adults in the family.  Can't help you with pics of Mickey and I tonight, but after the photos, if you're interested, you can read about what we've been up to.

Finn playing his new favorite game - Uno.

Blueberries!  Long hair!

What have we been up to?  Odin is growing up fast.  Leif corrects people if they call him a baby ("he's a toddler").  He can make lots of animal noises, uses a few signs and is tons of fun.  He has yet to sleep through the night, but is only waking up to nurse 2 times as of late.

Leif is a very loving little boy.  He likes to give kisses and insists on a parent sleeping with him at night to scratch his back under his shirt.  He's also very funny and gregarious - definitely the life of the party.  He likes to play with anything with wheels and read books about trucks and dinosaurs.

Finn is going to be 5 soon!  He's a little more shy than the other two, but only in new situations.  He loves to skate, swim, read (especially books about fossils and dinosaurs), do puzzles and play games.  He's getting really good at games like Crazy 8s, Uno, Go Fish, Memory.

Mickey's band was voted best new local band by one of the local papers.  Go Mickey!


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  2. Super cute!

    Miss you guys.

    Aunt Nicole

  3. Anonymous12:56 AM

    Thank you so much for the post! Sending lot's of love your way!
    G & G Teresa & Perry

  4. Great photos, happy, happy boys. We love the videos! Miss you,

    Grandma Nancy
    Papa Sam