Sunday, July 12, 2009

Family Camping Party 2009!

This weekend was the first in what may very well be a new annual event. We, along with a bunch of our friends and their children, went on a family camping trip. We shared a spacious and secluded group campsite with five other families. This year's destination was Cascade River State Park, just south of Grand Marais. We had an awesome time hiking, running around, and sharing toy trucks. Here are a few photos from the weekend, with plenty more likely to be found with some hot cross-blogging action! (See Jasper's, Max's, and Tenzin & Rilo's blogs.)

Finn and Tenzin were the big kids on the trip and got along famously, as they always do. Here they are, exploring Lake Superior.

Me and the boys with Tenzin and her mom, Alina.

Leif and Jasper, sharing the finer points of toy truck driving.

A group photo of the kids, which was an exercise not unlike cat herding. I think I shot about 75 photos in two minutes to get this one as the most successful picture.

Thanks to all the intrepid camping families for an awesome trip. Next year, VEGAS!


  1. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Great photos. They remind me of family camping trips we did with Keely/Sammy and other families.We have a photo like the last one with all the kids sitting up on the branches in a group of trees.

    Camping Rocks!

    looks like a fun time was had by all,
    grandma Nancy

  2. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Grandma Teresa