Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekend Fun!

This weekend Mickey was at a bachelor party in Wisconsin, so the boys and I went to Grand Rapids. We got to see our great friend, and blog loyalist, Alissa who was in town on her way moving from Prague to Dublin. Go Alissa! It was great to see you! The boys had a blast playing at the lake, going to the fair, etc.

Finn's first fish:

Carrying water from the lake to the beach:

Helping grandpa with corn:

Finn likes to put his hands in the sand and kick his legs - the beginning stage of swimming! Good job little dude!

Leif also enjoys the water:

We swam in the early morning sun before the world was awake:

One more swimming photo:

On Friday night we went to the county fair. Finn went on some rides and looked at the animals:

Leif was too little for most of the rides, but was able to go on the merry go round:

Finn watering the green peppers. Our garden is doing very well!

Last week Finn went to Nature "camp." Here he is dressed up like a beaver.

Leif is cute too.

Leif won't sit in the bath anymore, so we have to wash him standing up:

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  1. Anonymous4:26 PM

    So darling! I miss them! Love, Grandma Teresa