Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Leif's Welcoming Ceremony

As promised, below are some photos from Leif's Welcoming Ceremony. Also, the video is on vimeo for those of you with about 15 minutes to spare.

The welcoming ceremony serves as an alternative to the traditional baptism. We have chosen mentors for our kids, and for Leif we have our friends Christina & Justin Mattson and uncle Sam & aunt Nicole. We sang some songs and the mentors read some meaningful passages. Both sets of grandparents were there, along with Mickey's grandma, Bev and sister Erika.

We actually had a morning of warm sunshine, so we got to do it outside, which made the whole event a bit more special.


  1. sweet,sweet photos

    nancy/sam grandparents

  2. Andrea7:29 PM

    Hi there,
    I realize I've only met you a few times, but I now stalk you via your blog. You guys take the most beautiful pictures! I love your blog--seriously you could be professional photographers. What darling kiddos!
    ~Andrea Dekich (Ryan's wife)