Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Finn!

As of yesterday, our little guy is officially a toddler! Without getting too sentimental, it really is amazing how much he has grown in two years and how quickly the time has gone.

Finn on his birth day:

Finn on his first birthday (showing everyone how old he is/was):

Finn on his second birthday (eating a birthday blueberry muffin):

We were in Iowa this weekend, visiting family and having fun. Below are a couple of photos from our adventure.

On the way to Iowa we stopped to visit Uncle Sam, Aunt Nicole, and their new Golden Retriever puppy, Fetch. Finn and Fetch hit it off right away.

Here are Finn and Uncle Sam practicing their stick handling:


  1. Anonymous3:24 PM

    "Love all the photos! Grandma Teresa

  2. Happy birthday! You have some darn cute kiddos.

  3. Happy Birthday Finn! Looking forward to celebrating with you soon! Super cute pics!

  4. Happy Birthday Finn. I can not believe you are two! What a big boy you are.

    Grandma Nancy